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Treatment system

The RADClean® Ballast Water Management System is a simple, automated, two-step treatment process that includes filtration and electrochlorination. The aim of Electrochlorination package is producing soduim hypochlorite solution to disinfect the planktons, pathogens, larva or spores.


RADMaritime’s scope of supply allows flexibility for application across the full range of ship types and sizes, for both the new build and retrofit markets. RADMaritime offers customers a range of flexible supply options, from the BWMS equipment, to a full turnkey service covering all phases.

User Friendly

RADClean® BWMS is based on user-friendly design which use a process control with the most optimized automation system. In addition, it is able to provide a suitable condition in which an operator can operate and maintain BWMS in a simple and easy way.

after sales service

Our commitment does not restrict to the delivery of a RADClean® BWMS. We offer you reliable after-sales service wherever and whenever in the world.

The Future is near

Our Mission is to put an end to the global environmental destruction to marine ecosystems which is affected by invasive aquatic species carried in the ballast tanks of vessels. In addition, apply the sufficient environmental technologies for the vessels to deprive of the microorganisms transferring around the world..

our vision

RADMaritime’s vision is to become a world leading provider of green solutions. Our priority is to consider the quality in design, production, documentation, installation, commissioning and lifecycle service, shall make RADMaritime the vital supplier of solutions and services for ballast water treatment systems and other marine equipment.

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Future Project

Design and Manufacturing Automatic Backwashing Filter

RADMaritime’s R&D department attempt to develop Automatic Backwashing Filter in forthcoming BWMS.

Design and Manufacturing UV System

Another popular BWMS method is UV irradiation which combined with mechanical filtration. RADMaritime’s UV BWMS will be manufactured in near future.

Further Developments of Our Leading Technology

We always struggling to improve our BWMS performance, safety and power consumption.

Manufacturing Other Marine Equipment

RADMaritime gives confidence to the marine customers that they will be able to find a various merchandises for their future needs.

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